Social Media Marketing

Gain traffic through social media sites and expand your audience across the web with social media marketing.

  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Convert more prospects
  • Decrease marketing costs
  • Increase traffic
  • Better search engine rankings

Social Media Process

Our social media marketing process ensures that your business gets a social media marketing campaign specifically tailored to your business goals.

Phase I – Discovery

Knowing the basics – from the nature of your client’s business to that of their competitor’s, is the first step towards providing a clear set of information, goals and requirements that are necessary all throughout the process.

Phase II – Strategy

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategies and project plan are necessary to determine measurable business goals and tangible outputs.

Phase III – Campaign Execution

In this phase, we ensure that recommendations from the Profile Strategy & Content Strategy phases are properly executed to achieve campaign goals.

Phase IV – Analysis & Reporting

The details of the report and analysis include that of the KPIs, goal tracking information, and campaign performance. These then become the guidelines in adjusting a project plan.

Using Social Media to Engage
Your Audience and Increase Sales

Social media is the future. There are billions of social media users around the world and the reach of social media platforms is unimaginable. Today, a lot of organizations and companies are shifting their focus by incorporating
ads and promotions in their social media accounts to improve their visibility on search engines drive
traffic, promote their brands and sell their products and services.

Meaningful Conversations Matter

Social media has made it possible for companies to reach out to and learn about their customers in easier and faster ways possible. Engaging customers in meaningful conversations allow for better customer-company relationships.

Quick Customer Service is a Must

In this fast-paced environment, customers can be impatient. Social media allows companies to respond to customers faster and avoid customers from complaining any further.

Content Contribution is a Game-changer

Aside from engaging customers in meaningful conversations, a better and more sincere way of showing you value customers is by encouraging them to be proactive and welcome contributions from them by channeling it through a social media platform.

Exclusive Offers & Discounts Work Best

It’s an old strategy but offering exclusive deals and discounts are still the best because who doesn’t like to get more than what they paid for? Social media is a fast and easy way to attract potential customers and persuade them to buy your products.

Be as Humanly Conscious as Possible

This is a problem among a lot of huge companies who are often impersonal. Social media makes it possible to break barriers and make big corporations more easily accessible to the general public.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is a fundamental step in an online marketing process and there are various ways to efficiently reach your target audience:

Channels for Social Media Integration

Channels for Social Media Integration

Account Login / Registration

  • Facebook Connect / Open Graph
  • Google Connect
  • Twitter Connect
  • OpenID

Community Building

  • Facebook Friend Connect
  • Google Friend Connect

Onsite Content

  • Twitter Status RSS Feeds
  • Google Profile
  • Facebook Profile Badge


An online music streaming app wants have better connectivity with its subscribers and make it easier for them to share music and comments globally.


ES Assisting integrates both Twitter Connect & Facebook Connect (now called Open Graph) to allow users to log in using either system. Listeners can easily share what they listen to and like posts by other users, and also notify their friends or followers automatically.


An ecommerce website wants to inform people worldwide about their new products on their online store using Twitter.


ES Assisting integrates Twitter into the back-end of the website so whenever a new product is added to the website, the administrator can update the Twitter account with a custom message about the new product.


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