Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Paid search engine advertising provides a lot of benefits not only for businesses but also for searchers as well. What makes our PPC marketing service is that you only pay for relevant traffic and you’re assured of a well-written and professional copy.

PPC Process

We implement a unique and systematical PPC marketing process that can work with any kind of business.

Phase I – Discovery

The first phase includes learning about the client’s business and that of their competitors in order to have a clear understanding of the requirements and have a clear guideline which is necessary all throughout the process.

Phase II – Strategy

Comprehensive PPC strategies and project plan are necessary to determine measurable business goals and tangible outputs.

Phase III – Landing Page Creation & Campaign Setup

In this phase, ES Assisting implements landing page recommendations from the paid search strategy through client collaboration.

Phase IV – Optimize

Campaigns are optimized based on the performance of landing pages, keywords, and ad copies.

Phase V -Analysis & Reporting

The details of the report and analysis include that of the KPIs, goal tracking information, and campaign performance. These then become the guidelines in adjusting a project plan.

Keys to A Successful PPC Campaign

Selection of The Proper Keywords

Keywords should be specific to the product or service you are offering. Focus on good phrases and make sure that people looking for the products you sell are directed to a page where they can take action.

Control the Search Experience

Getting your message across your target audience is not as challenging as making the right and highly effective advertisement. After succeeding in reaching your target audience what happens next? Your ads should not only be creative but informative and highly relevant as well. This will drive prospects to visit your website. It is one thing to get your advertisement in front of the right audience.

Understand the Economics
Before You Start

You shouldn’t spend exorbitant fees just to have a great ad. Money matters and more than having a great ad, you need to know whether you are overspending and likely to be in a deficit. Closely monitor your financial activities and stick to your budget. It’s not worth to spend $100 on ads if you’re product is worth $95.

Use Metrics to Stay Ahead
of The Curve

PPC campaigns offer the advantage of seeing results immediately. This gives you the chance whether or not to stop or improve a campaign.

Enhanced Targeting with PPC Marketing

PPC ads offer a lot of flexibility in terms of delivery and there are a number of PPC techniques you can use to create prospects that are most likely to be your target audience:


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