E-mail Marketing

ES Assisting’s optimized and inbox-tested e-mail marketing strategies include but are not limited to effective subject lines that make readers open their mails, striking landing pages with effective emails, and newsletter designs that increase click-through rates. Our email marketing methodology increases your ROI by transforming ideas into actions.

Phase I – Research

Audience Research & Data Collection

Know and understand your audience so that you can better serve them. Collect as much relevant information about your market as you can through an e-mail signup form. However, avoid asking for too much information as this will just drive them away.

Phase II – Strategy

Analyze Goals & Objectives

Define your goals and objectives and from there, analyze them and use the results in determining your message focus. Remember to focus on just one definite topic because people have short attention span when it comes to emails and you don’t want them to ignore your emails just because of too many unrelated contents of varying calls to action.

Phase III – E-mail Design

Our email design is structured according to your specific goals, audience and requirements. The designs are aligned in terms of the calls to action, supporting images and subject lines in order to optimize your click-through-rates.

Phase IV – Optimization

We make sure that the emails we send are relevant to recipients who look forward to our emails and we do this through past user activity, analytics and segmentation. Also, newsletters are created in a unique manner and incorporate email best practices.

Phase V – Analysis & Reporting

We conduct extensive tracking and meticulously measure results with analysis and reporting activities follow well-defined procedures. We want to make sure you get the best possible ROI by carefully tracking and measuring statistics like click-through-rate, open rate, and hard and soft bounce rate. Furthermore, we also measure the percentage of your overall traffic that is leading to actual sales to help your business grow.


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