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Web hosting basically allows individuals and businesses to make their website accessible through the world wide web. At ES Assisting, we offer fast, cost-efficient and reliable plans for your custom business needs.

Three basic types of hosting

Choose from three basic types of hosting which include
shared web hosting, virtual private server and dedicated server.

Shared web hosting

A service provider serves pages for various sites from a single web server – with each site having its own web domain name.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS hosting provides more power than basic shared hosting and costs less than a high-end dedicated hosting. It combines key elements found in shared and dedicated hosting services. In VPS however, there are fewer sites per server compared to shared web hosting.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is the most expensive among the three. It’s the costliest option because the server is dedicated to only one client. It offers more flexibility than the two other services but it only resource-intensive and high-traffic need it

Most popular web hosting solutions

Web Hosting

If you need a dependable and secure website that can get the job done regardless of your company size or requirements without spending too much money, then web hosting is for you.

  • Free setup
  • File backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Large disk space and bandwidth
  • 24/7 support and monitoring

Ideal for: SMEs and personal websites

Managed WordPress

It’s a web hosting service optimized and streamlined for WordPress usage.

  • Automatic updates
  • Hacker-proof
  • Fast and no downtime
  • Daily backups and restore points
  • Technical support

Ideal for: WordPress blogs, websites and web stores


Virtual private server hosting is perfect for those who want stability, speed and guaranteed resources in controlling their websites. Usually, it’s intended for resource-intensive and high-traffic websites. VPS hosting is highly customizable, secure, ultra-fast, highly reliable and stable, and provides more control than shared hosting.

Ideal for: Larger businesses, video or gaming sites

Features put you in control

ES Assisting is now a registered and authorized reseller of GoDaddy – a popular domain and web hosting service provider. You can visit our reseller page using the link below. Our clients can have their own account to reduce costs and make the work more convenient for us.

Here is our reseller page for domain and hosting:



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