Domain Name

A domain name is your memorable web address. You cannot have a website without a domain name. Most of the time, finding a suitable domain name that has perfect recall is challenging. We’ll help you find a domain name that people will definitely remember easily.

  • Find your perfect domain name.
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Millions of clients worldwide
  • Affordable prices
  • Wide list to choose from
  • Easy setup
  • Hundreds of subdomains and email aliases
  • Real-time monitoring

Protecting your domains

A lot of thieves lurk around the web and some will probably attempt to steal your domain
and personal details.Here are optional services to combat or avoid such instances from happening.

Privacy Protection

Keep your private details private.

Your personal information is displayed in a public directory once you register your domain and this is when spammers and hackers take advantage and steal domains. With privacy protection, you are ensured that your personal information is secure.

Why add Privacy Protection?

  • Hides your personal information from public view
  • Replaces your personal information through GoDaddy’s privacy partner Domains by Proxy

Business Protection

Keep your domain locked & in your name.

Put Business Protection to work on your most important domain names and they’ll be safe for up to 12 months.

Never worry about forgetting to renew your domain or changing the e-mail address on your ES Assisting account. This is all it takes for someone to step in and transfer your domain name away without your permission.

  • Hides your personal information from public view
  • Blocks malicious and accidental domain transfers
  • Anti-theft and anti-spam
  • Stop unwanted solicitations
  • Avoid domain hijacking

Certified Domain

Ease visitor weariness with a certified domain seal.

Displaying a certified domain seal on your website erases weariness from site visitors who fear phishing, pharming, and a long list of other web scams.

A Certified Domain seal shows visitors you’ve passed ES Assisting’s validation process and are the legal owner of the domain. They know that if you were a spammer, there’s no way you’d pass the validation.

Certified Domains do not include encryption for site data and transactions. See SSL Certificates.


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