Video Production

Start promoting your business through videos. Video marketing is a perfect marketing tool in this fast-paced world full of information-hungry customers.

Increase the duration of visitors spending time on your website,
reach out to a wider audience in a short span of time without spending too much and create a marketing tool that lasts for years.

Why Use Online Video Production?

Online videos have become a worthwhile investment lately as production costs are decreasing drastically, production equipment are becoming more and more easily available, and a lot of social media platforms are adopting an online video-oriented interface.

ES Assisting provides the means to get any video format on your website. We optimize videos for streaming capabilities and quicker download times. Social share features that could help contents go viral may be implemented so viewers can share videos and create more attention for the brand and client website.

Our Video Production Services

Product and Service Videos

Our videos create stunning first impressions that can help increase conversions and create stronger market presence. Product and service videos explain what a company does for new customers or visitors, and helps to communicate what makes the client’s company or offerings stand out from the crowd. Videos are powerful tools to gain additional traffic to a website, and generate awareness, as they can be viewed on a client’s website and channels such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Corporate Video Production

Videos are a must-have in today’s ever-changing and fast-paced environment. Whether it’s a training or demo video, testimonials, or interview videos, we tell great stories, build audience trust, and make an emotional connection with your audience through our compelling video contents.

Interactive Videos & Rich Media Banners

Drive traffic to your brand landing page using our highly interactive videos and banners. Impress site visitors and compel them to be loyal customers with our expandable, innovative and engaging videos and banners.


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